General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The EU Regulation 2016/679 will become effective on 25.5.2018 in all EU member states. The principles for the processing of personal data are laid out in Art. 5 of the Regulation.

Non-compliance can be penalized with € 10 Million or 2% or more of a Company's worldwide turnover. Germany has passed a national amendment which makes a DPO mandatory for most companies.

Does your business need a Data Privacy Officer (DPO)?

Many companies have ignored the legal requirement to appoint a DPO, because it is not clearly understood what  "personal Data" really is, and what the Law stipulates. The high fines associated with the GDPR, and the fact that the DPO must be registered with the Authorities as of May 2018 will enhance compliance.


I am offering to relieve businesses from incurring costs for personnel, train their employees, and make sure that the legal requirements concerning Data Privacy are met.


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